Event Calendar

Welcome to our public calendar! While we make every effort to have this calendar updated and current at all times, we are all “working day jobs” as well as supporting the 6th, so it may not be up to the minute at all times!

Please understand that until we receive your nonrefundable deposit *and* send you an electronic confirmation that your date is confirmed, it is not confirmed. If you need to change or cancel your already-confirmed planned event, please reach out to us as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to accommodate your request. We are here to help you enjoy this wonderful building and will do everything we can to make it rewarding and fun for you and your guests.

Events marked “Tentative” anywhere in the text ARE NOT CONFIRMED, so this date is still subject to first come first served rules. It is not an actual event until it is shown as “Confirmed” and locked in.

Items on this calendar that say “Confirmed” are set, barring any emergency or unexpected situations.