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Do you want to get involved, or show support?

We would be thrilled if you want to get involved or show your support in some way, but make no mistake - we are not here just looking for a handout. This project is close to our heart and it is happening as we speak. We are passionate about succeeding, and any help will just make it happen faster, and better.

Have a look at our online store - lots of ways to show support there, from $3 on up.

We do need to raise money to continue the process of rehabilitating and repurposing one of Detroit's prized pieces of history. We welcome donors, benefactors, partners and/or investors to help fund the securing and cleanup of the interior and exterior. We have a detailed and comprehensive development plan that leverages our extensive prior experience building and operating World Class Data Centers.

What can you contribute to our cause?

We are on a mission to rescue and repurpose a 1930's era brick building in the heart of a Detroit neighborhood. The building was crafted by true brick and stone masons and is a work of art. It has historical significance with the City in both Military and Law Enforcement circles. We plan to breathe new life into it, to preserve it and to make good use of it for now and into the future.

Your contribution would help fund the closing up of excess openings in the building with something secure that that honors the original architecture. It would help pay for outside cleanup of the property. It would help pay for new high security doors and would provide for a video and alarm based security system. It would help restore all of the outside of the structure with fixtures, lighting and other repairs required. There is plenty of work to be done.

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Any funds contributed here will be used exclusively for the redevelopment of this or another depressed, endangered or abandoned property located within the City of Detroit. Your donations will help make a difference in the City of Detroit and you will be properly recognized for your participation, unless you prefer to remain anonymous. Donations made here, while awesome, do not make you a partial owner of the property and do not imply a partnership or a shareholder relationship. If you want to help beyond just a donation and you want to discuss volunteering time, services or equipment, or if you want to talk about becoming a partner or investor, then please contact me! I would love to discuss your ideas.