Our Mission

Within the past three decades, businesses of all sizes have seen productivity, record-keeping and daily operations transition from file cabinets to server cabinets. With the birth and growth of the Internet, previously unimaginable ideas have become reality - remote access, data redundancy, and the enigmatic "cloud" are now within the reach of even the smallest of businesses. However, this technological revolution also gave birth to rampant cyber-crime, virus outbreaks and even greater concerns about privacy and security.

RT Software Systems, founded in 1997, created Data Behind Bars in 2014 to meet the great demand for enterprise data security. After having operated RT's current Data Center in Berkley for 8 years, Ed Steele, our CEO and president, envisioned a data center which would not only provide world-class cyber-security, but would reflect it in the physical world. The Data Behind Bars project locks your critical data not only behind SSL, but behind layer after layer of steel, thick epoxy-reinforced concrete and three-quarter inch steel bars. As you read this page, the historic Sixth Precinct of the Detroit Police Department is being restored. It is nothing short of a data fortress, designed to protect your company's proprietary, private, or otherwise sensitive information.





RT Software Systems has been delivering high-quality system support services and management since 1997; RT Software Hosting, on the other hand, was doing "cloud computing" before it was cool to call it that. With a long track record of effective service and a longer list of satisfied clients, RT Software Hosting's first Data Center in Berkley, now in its tenth year (2017), has been getting the job done for customers large and small all over North America.

We invite you and your business to join us here at Data Behind Bars as we reimagine e-security for the future. Remember - Many so-called "Data Centers" are in sleepy office parks or industrial areas, where the buildings are made from thin flat metal panels, or hollow cinder blocks, or glass - If they can break in and walk out with it, it isn't secure. Your Data Behind Bars will be secure.

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